Calwushu is the official wushu club at UC Berkeley and the oldest collegiate wushu club in the nation, dating back to 1987.

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Practice is held at the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF). All skill levels are welcome! We run a very beginner-friendly class, and there is a one week free trial period for new members to try out the club.
Monday8:30pm - 9pmall levelsCombatives Room
9pm - 10pmall levelsMartial Arts Room
Wednesday7pm - 8:45pmbeginnerCombatives Room
8:45pm - 10pmadvancedMartial Arts Room
Friday7:45pm - 10pmall levelsCombatives Room
8:45pm - 10pmall levelsMartial Arts Room
You can register for Calwushu at the UCMAP site. Club members must register and pay each semester.
Wushu literally means "martial art" in Chinese. It encompasses all Chinese martial arts, although it commonly refers to contemporary styles. The term "Kung Fu" generally refers to traditional styles.

Traditional Chinese martial arts date back several thousand years and encompass hundreds of different styles such as Shaolin, Taichi, Mantis, Hung Gar, Bagua, Wing Chun, etc. In the mid-20th century, these traditional styles were compiled and modernized, leading to the creation of the sport and performance art of contemporary wushu. Wushu is especially known for its use of many different weapons, which include spear, broadsword, rope dart, bench, three section staff, hook swords, buttefly knives, and many others.
The   Chinese   Martial   Arts   Tournament   (CMAT) is one of the largest and most prestigious wushu tournaments in the nation, organized by Calwushu and held annually at UC Berkeley. Started by Sifu Bryant Fong in 1992, CMAT is an annual volunteer-run tournament featuring contemporary, traditional, and internal wushu events.

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Calwushu performs at many events throughout the year. With top level athletes as well as enthusiastic beginners, the demo team always puts on a great show! Please email calwushuperformances (at) gmail dot com for demo inquiries.